Macrobiotic Restaurant / Prunus in Kyoto

Plant-Based Macrobiotic Meals / Vegan

Good Location, Easy to Find.

Just in front of the station.

18 min from Kyoto station.(240yen)

Nice View of mountains & town.

Quiet & Peaceful

Staff speaks English.

100% vegan

Our meal is cooked based on plant-based macrobiotic theory.

Not any preservatives are used.

All the ingredients are shown to the customers.

95% of seasonings are organic of high quality.

80% up of the ingredients is organic.

Not any sweeteners are used.

We might use maple syrup for desserts.

Our chef was a cooking assistant of Japan CI, the macrobiotic center George Ohsawa founded.

She has learned many experienced teachers including Lima Ohsawa (1899~2000) & Kazue Ohmori (1933~)
She was a nutritionist at a hospital before she became macrobiotic.